Hometown Coach
Made in Wisconsin

A brand of Hometown Manufacturing, Hometown Coach is the nation's leading innovator and manufacturer of transportation vehicles with over 1100 vehicles active on the road.

Hand-Crafted, American-Made with the top technology integrations, Hometown Manufacturing is one of the largest and most unique bus manufacturers in the US.


DBE Business Owner
Family Owned

Hometown Coach is a third-generation, family business that is woman owned. Transportation is the core of Hometown Manufacturing. From small private tours to everyday mass transit to National Park shuttling, each Hometown Coach Bus is hand-crafted to meet your specific needs and budget.


100% american made

From the first bus built, our focus has been to preserve the integrity of craftsmanship true to its era. 100% American-made, and hand-crafted using the best materials are at the forefront Hometown Coach’s products. 

Hometown pride

The Pence-Dunow family, Kristina Pence-Dunow and husband, Joey Dunow, son Dustin Pence, and daughter Jessica Pence, continue to innovate while manufacturing buses and trolleys with the same design principles, work ethics and commitment to quality established by the founding generation of Pence’s.


Complete customization, increased ridership, higher satisfaction and superior fuel efficiency are just a few reasons why our innovative vehicles provide real value for your transportation needs.

We take pride in providing you with superior products and exceptional customer service.

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